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.Introducing sun protection canopy covers keeping the ​cockpit safe even from extream heat.

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.Pandora Covers.  

.since 2012.

-the ​first company featuring-

.200 models.


 .Fabric variety.










.Key properties.

.heat reduction.

  • lower cockpit temperature
  • protects against UV
  • instruments burning protection
  • shields cockipt interior


  • easy to install
  • small volume fits tight space
  • easy access to the cockpit
  • dedicated storage bag 

.top quality.

  • italian fabrics
  • sewing quality monitoring
  • 24 months manufacture warranty
  • attention to detail


  • perfectly fits the canopy 
  • matches aircraft colour
  • glossy or metallic
  • chic

.Cover Types.

.single seater. 
.one piece.
.single seater. 
.two piece.
.double seater.
.one piece.
.double seater.
.two piece.
.double seater.
.large type 1.
.double seater.
.large type 2.

.sales agents.

-Pandora Covers, in addition to the current online purchase, are also available for sale online and at trade fairs from the following representatives-