.fabric variety.

.​aluminium co​ated.

  • favoured fabric by customers
  • top-metallic layer is AL with adhesive
  • fiber base composition of ​uniformly colored textile: 95% polyester 5% elastane (270GR/MTL)
  • fiber base composition of the dotted textile: 80% polyester 20% elastane (290GR/MTL)
.care label​.

 hand wash icon hand wash
  drip dry icon drip dry
  no bleaching
   do not dry clean
   do not iron

.pros. .cons.
fancy look delicate
silver and gold efective in temperature reduction scratch, solvents and their vapours destroy the coating
thin, lightweight dark colours may fade


  • large colour palette
  • fiber composition: 90% polyester 10% elastane (330GR/MTL)
  • not coated on top
  • no glassy look
.​care label.

 wasching machine icon  ​washing machin delic​ate
no bleaching icon  ​no bleaching
do not dry clean icon  do not dry clean
iron low temp icon  iron low temp

.pros. .cons.
easier to clean slightly transparent
white is perfect in temperature reduction create thicker layer between fuselage and canopy
require less caution dark colours may fade


.​aluminium coated.

grey base + silver coating


yellow base + gold coating


blue base + sea-blue coating


red base & coating


green base & coating


pink base & coating


magenta base & coating


orange base + copper coating


olive base & coating

.antique gold.

brown base & antique-gold coating 








.green fluo.

.yellow fluo.










.sunshield option.

  • it is an additional piece of fabric
  • possible for all canopies opening to the front or to the back
  • protects instrument panel and interiors when canopy is open
  • additional protection against the possibility of fire caused by sunlight


.add letters, symbol​s or other personal markings.
.cover colors migh be mixed.
.write abut your idea.


  • openings may be intended for:
  • pin exposure to prevent fabric destruction
  • possibility to put a hand inside the cockpit

opening for the hand does not guarantee canopy locking, since the fabric between the fuselage and the canopy forms a layer that making locking impossible or possibly damaging the locking system when forced to lock

.other options.