The fabric used for the covers is an elastane which is exceptionally elastic. The outside is coated with a rubberized, shiny surface. Standard care is handwashing at 30℃ using very mild detergent for example for wool. The fabric cannot be squeezed dry (should be drip-dryed). Ironining should be done at low heat (100 ℃), no steam and on the inside only.

Fabric durability is limited. The shiny coating will lose some of it's brightness with use, but none of its function. A user can expect at least two seasons of frequent use while waiting on the grid. Durability is a function of three factors: frequency, conditions of use and the fabric quality which differs in colors and supply.

Following fabric color options are available:

  • silver on top and white on the inside
  • gold on top and on the inside
  • green on top and on the inside
  • blue on top and on the inside
  • magenta on top and on the inside.
  • red on top and on the inside.

Some cover details

The edge showing the stitch.

Two-color canopy cover.

Red ribbon indicating the front of the cover.

Each cover is protected by a handy bag.

Sideways hinged covers are fastened with a small hook.

Every cover for canopies opening to the front can be ordered with an optional sunshield.

Opening in a LAK 19 cover preventing damage to the cover by the Roeger hook while still maintaining its function.